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10 Places to Hang Out This Monsoon

place to hangout during monsoon bangalore

As the season of rain descends upon our beautiful city, all one would love to do is dance in the rain and have a lovely drink. Unfortunately dancing in the rain with alcohol dilutes it a bit much. Here’s a list of perfect places to enjoy a drink and a fabulous view of the beautiful showers in Namma Bengaluru without getting anything but your throat wet. 😉

1. Glass House

Glass House on Lavelle Road is a beautiful place to have good pizza and drinks. Just look  ↓  and tell me how perfect a place it is to be at while the rain is pelting down. Enjoy the Asahi Beer and a pepperoni or chicken pizza for a fabulous evening with this fabulous weather.

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2. Fava

Fava is a beautiful Mediterranean bar & restaurant at UB City. You could turn this into your very own  mediterranean paradise with some Mezze and a Sangria or Corona with its beautiful vibes as the rain pours.

3. Olive Beach

With the rains the ambiance of Olive Beach, makes for one hell of a romantic space to enjoy an evening with your loved one. Have some of their yum mushroom risotto and their signature pomegranate sangria while you drown into the eyes of your Bae.

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4. Fatty Bao

Fatty Bao on 12th Main Indiranagar is one of the best pan-asian gastro bars there is. It’s splendid floor to ceiling glass walls makes for a beautiful ambiance as the rain comes down upon our beautiful city. A hot Bao or some Sushi with a Ho-Gin-Min cocktail will just perfect up the day.

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5. Social Koramangala

Social Koramangala is one of the most exquisite new bars in Bangalore. With its glass roof and abundance of foliage, you’d feel like you’re in a rain forest without actually getting wet. LIIT it up accompanied by some Elvis Presley Toast would go perfect with the sound of the rain hitting the roof.

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6. Watsons

Watsons has a picturesque view of Ulsoor lake and its lovely green coverage. With a view like that in the rain it just can’t get any more scenic and relaxing. Have a good whiskey with some pizza or chilly beef and make it a perfect evening.

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7. Arbour Brewing Company

Arbour Brewing company with its open space and covered roof is a comely spot to enjoy some good home brewed wheat beer and nachos while enjoying the rainy weather, without getting wet of course.

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8. Humming tree

The Humming tree in Indiranagar is a lovely place to chill and enjoy yourself while it’s raining in Bangalore. The upper floor of Humming tree is where you need to be at. Enjoy a chicken satay or a beef steak with your preferred beverage, as the rain falls.

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9. The Biere Club

The Biere Club located at 153 Biere Street, Whitefield is a brilliant place to visit by itself. Just sitting under the glass roof and sipping on their finest Wheat crafted beer or some Stout along with a kebab platter or some pork chops, while the rain sing songs on above your head is a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon or evening.

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10. Blue Bar

The Blue Bar at The Taj West End with its foliage and its tiled dome roof has an ambience of serenity surrounding it. A perfect spot to sip on some Hot Rum Toddy and munch on some spring rolls or some crispy fried chicken, while taking in the beauty around it.

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So go forth and enjoy the showers of blessings in these lovely places to chill out with friends and family alike. Cheers !


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